$1 for Trails

What is $1 for Trails?

The trails have helped us, and now we need to help them. As Central Oregon tourism and trail use continue to climb, the condition and funding of our trails is not keeping pace with needed maintenance and development. An invaluable recreation resource, our local trails are the very lifeblood of the area’s businesses, communities and visitors. Contrary to perception, land management agencies lack deep pockets and are operating on limited budgets. Our $1 for Trails program is a simple way for businesses to give back to help sustain the trails that sustain US.

How It Works

The program generates funds when businesses collect $1 from guests, visitors or customers through a simple one-time $1 fee or voluntary donation. Guests have an option to “opt-out” with each transaction.  Any of Central Oregon’s resorts or businesses can participate. Below are some suggested methods:

  • Booking Fees: When a reservation is made, $1 is automatically added during the booking process.
  • POS purchases: $1 donation is included as an optional add-on at checkout
  • Resort Fees: The $1 for Trails charge is added to a list of resort fees (i.e. parking, bike rental, etc.)

Where do the funds go?

Education and Signage

Trail signage improvements, education, staffing of Wilderness interns all help to protect our forest, wildlife and trails

Accessibility Upgrades

Enhancing trail access for all users from facilities to wheelchair-accessible trails

Trail Work and Maintenance

Trail maintenance and construction projects improve and take care of trails

Habitat Protection and Restoration

Restoration of fish and wildlife habitat in the vicinity of heavily used trails protects wildlife and water resources

Over $220K has been awarded in grants to support trails projects since 2018.

Learn more about the Small Projects Grant that is funded by $1 for Trails

Are you a Central Oregon business that is interested in signing up?

Thank you to our current $1 for Trails partners: