Newberry Monument Trail Project

This project considers all the existing trails, current and future needs of the trails and the people that use them to come up with a plan to address them. Newberry presents some challenges and complexity around trail use and resource impacts: Balancing the ecological AND social limitations of trails, prioritizing wildlife and cultural needs and finding solutions for equitable trail use among a diverse and growing number of trail users is no small feat. 

With a goal of maintaining a quality trail experience year-round, the Newberry Volcanic Monument Project focuses on several potential initiatives:

  • Addressing trail maintenance backlog: Two large projects on the Trail of Molten Lands and Big Obsidian Flow would require lengthening of paved accessible trails and infrastructure. Other work would include: improving existing drainage and structures, brushing, minor reroutes to improve trail sustainability, standardizing signage, or addressing trail user issues 
  • Finding solutions and inventorying user-created trails: There is a need to inventory unofficial trails in the Monument, including a network of motorized trails.
  • Potential construction of new trails: There are several potential opportunities for new trails within the monument that have previously been identified in the Monument management or interpretive plans.
  • Development of winter recreation opportunities: Projects could include the construction or creation of new Nordic and snowshoeing trails, as well as improving cabins as part of creating a hut-to-hut opportunity.