Stewardship Grant


Intended to fund numerous trail or trail-related infrastructure projects in Deschutes County, the $600,000 DTC Stewardship Grant Program has been funded by Deschutes County unrestricted Transient Room Tax dollars. The grant’s funds will be awarded to several qualified, higher value projects, which could range from environmental analysis and design, to construction and project implementation.

The 2022 Application period has closed. Stay tuned for more information about future plans for this grant opportunity.

For additional information on this grant please contact Jana Johnson at

Informational Webinar: Thursday September 1, 12pm – 1pm
This webinar will introduce you to the Deschutes Trails Coalition, share details about eligibility and the grant application process, and answer any questions you have. Watch a recording of the webinar here.

Who Can Apply?

  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Federal, state, and local land management agencies
  • Businesses that partner with a land management agency or non-profit organization with a trail-related mission

What Type of Projects Are Considered/Eligible?

three people in hardhats with trail tools in the bushes

With a goal of completion within two years, Stewardship Grant projects considered can include, but are not limited to: trail maintenance and construction; road maintenance on roads directly accessing trails; trailhead amenity improvements; all project phases including analysis/planning and design; studies and reports to inform sustainable trail management; trail infrastructure projects such as bridge construction and shelter repairs; capacity building for trail organizations; restoration projects adjacent to heavily-used trails; and educational materials to promote sustainable trail etiquette.

Frequently Asked Questions