2022 Stewardship Grant Recipients

Oregon Natural Desert Association – $24,310

Oregon Badlands Wilderness Accessibility

This funding will be used to fund a new 3/4 mile accessible trail and bridge to Reynolds Pond, improve signage and fencing at Badlands Rock Trailhead, decommission user-created trails, and monitor/maintain 50 miles of trail and 3 trailheads.

Oregon Natural Desert Association

Bend Park & Recreation District – $43,560

Shevlin Park Trail Improvements

This funding will be used for trail improvements within Shevlin Park, including to seal coat Fremont Road, construct 1,000 feet of new single-track to improve connectivity, update trailheads with bike racks and kiosk maps and replace picnic tables along Tumalo Creek with accessible tables.

Central Oregon Trail Alliance – $119,075

Building Trail Maintenance Volunteer Skills & Capacity

This funding will be used to hire a part-time trail maintenance coordinator (TMC) for 2 years. The TMC will improve COTA’s trail maintenance capacity by developing repeatable processes for sustainable trail maintenance and provide education to trail maintenance volunteers.

Dirty Freehub – $24,076

Information for 30 Gravel Bike Routes

This funding will support the collection of route information and web platform improvements for thirty Central Oregon gravel biking routes.

Deschutes Land Trust – $80,444

Spectre Ranch Acquisition Project

This funding will go towards the purchase of Deschutes Land Trust’s latest property acquisition, Spectre Ranch, which will be transitioned into the Paulina Reserve. The property is located along Paulina Creek adjacent to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

Discover Your Forest – $80,000

Deschutes National Forest Stewards Program

This funding will be used to start a trail ambassador program to share trail sustainability and responsible recreation messaging at popular recreation sites.

Friends of the Central Cascade Wilderness – $13,140

Green Lakes Trailhead Wilderness Ambassador Hut

This funding will be used to purchase a mobile hut for Wilderness trailhead ambassadors at Green Lakes Trailhead.

Oregon Equestrian Trails – $55,395

Horse Camp Corral Replacements

This funding will be used to replace wooden horse corrals with steel corrals at Three Creek Meadow Horse Camp near Sisters and Chief Paulina Horse Camp in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

US Forest Service – $100,000

Newberry National Volcanic Monument Trails Enhancements

This funding will fund engineering surveys and designs to improve and expand the accessible trail portion of the Trail of Molten Lands and replace the stairway and viewing platform on the Big Obsidian Flow Trail, both located in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.